What We Do

We would be delighted for you to bring your child for baptism (also called ‘Christening’) at one of our four churches and help you prepare for this important time for your family.  Our Baptism services take place at 9.30am within one of our normal services. 

In our Baptism Service we have the opportunity to welcome, support and pray for you and your family in your journey of faith with your child.
In Baptism you will be making important public promises and decisions before God and his church and so our Rector Rev Stephen McKenzie will arrange a time for you to discuss these promises as part of your Baptism Preparation.

If you are thinking of having a child baptised, the first thing to do is contact our Rector Rev Stephen McKenzie (tel. 01782 796564) and arrange to meet him at one of our church services. We would also need you to complete the appropriate Church Baptism form (which can be downloaded from this page) and return it to our Administrator.

We find that setting a baptism date can put you under undue pressure, when what we want is for you to have the time to think carefully about what baptism is, what is involved in the Christian faith and what it means to be a part of the church.
When you meet Stephen, he will discuss with you whether you still want a baptism (some decide that it is not right for them and opt for a Thanksgiving Service instead) and will try to work out a date with you.  Should you choose to have a Thanksgiving Service, you may also have a Baptism Service for your child at a later date.

Do I Have To Come To Church?

Although coming to church will not make you Christian, anymore than going to your doctor’s surgery would turn you into a doctor, we encourage your coming to church because:

It’s good practice! In the baptism service you will promise to bring your child to come to church and be part of the church family with them. It would be silly to make you promise to come to church after your child’s baptism if you’d never come before it.

It helps you understand the baptism service and the promises you make. Coming to church will help you make sense of what it means to be a Christian and what is involved.

It helps you get to know us. Baptism is about bringing a child into the church family. You will want to know whether it’s a church family that you want yourself and your child to be part of.

It helps us to get to know you. In the baptism service the whole church family promises that they will welcome your child and pray for them. That is hard for them to do if they have never met you!

We ask that you start coming along to services for a couple of months to help you get a feel for things.

Here Are A Some Frequently-Asked Questions

'What is the parent's responsibility?'

When children are baptised, their parents are asked to declare their own Christian faith and to raise the child to become an active member of the church.    

'What is the Function of Godparents?'

To be a Godparent is a privilege, a responsibility and a challenge. Godparents make the same promises as do the child’s parents. They declare their own belief and trust in God and in Jesus Christ and promise that, by prayer and example, they will lead their Godchild into the same faith.

'Who can be a Godparent and how many does my child need?'

Any friend or relative who has agreed to take on this responsibility can be a Godparent provided that they themselves are Christians. All Godparents must themselves have been baptised and, ideally, should also have been confirmed into the Christian faith. There is no limit to the number of Godparents your child can have. It should be a minimum of three – two of the same gender as the child and one of the other. Thus a girl would usually have two Godmothers and one Godfather and a boy one Godmother and two Godfathers.

Do have a look at the Church of England Website for further information

How You Apply

Please download and complete this Baptism Application Form.

All Saints Baptism Form

For more information about Baptisms, please contact Revd Stephen McKenzie on 01782 796564 or by email rector