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What Is Christianity?
If you are not sure what Christianity is all about, you may find this short video helpful.


We believe that prayer is about friendship with God. Any relationship grows and develops when people talk and spend time together, and the same is true of our individual and corporate relationship with God. Praying to his Father was a priority for Jesus and he taught his followers to pray as well. As parents delight when their child responds to them, so God delights when we come to him in prayer, with our thanks, praise, concerns and requests.
As a church, prayer permeates all that we do together. Our services and other gatherings include time to pray and every month all the churches in our benefice meet specifically for this purpose.
We also recognise that prayer is an essential part of every Christian’s personal relationship with God and we encourage everyone in their own prayer-life. Some members of our church meet in twos and threes to pray for one another on a regular basis.
If you would like to find out more or if you would like us to pray about a particular situation/issue, please do contact a member of our ministry team. We would be delighted to pray with you personally or add your name to our weekly prayer list.

What We Believe

As Christians we believe that God, the creator of all things, loves his world and he loves human beings. From the beginning of time, however, humans rejected God’s offer of relationship and in many ways chose to live without reference to his rightful rule.
But God had a plan, a way to make forgiveness and reconciliation possible.
At the centre of this plan was Jesus Christ -fully God and fully man. Jesus lived the perfect life and ended up being crucified on a cross.

Christians are followers of Jesus Christ. We trust that his death has made us right with God again and have accepted his gift of life in all its fullness, starting now and stretching into eternity. We believe that God’s Holy Spirit helps us to live God’s way and is transforming us to become more like Jesus. The Spirit also helps us to understand God’s word – the Bible – so that we can discern his voice and his truth as we read it.

The Christian life is fantastic but does not remove us from pain and difficulties. Living God’s way is fulfilling but also demanding. God asks us to put him first, not ourselves. One of the great things about belonging to a church is that we can help and encourage one another in the life of faith, with its ups and downs, and we can share with others the love that God has offered to everyone through Jesus, his Son. 
If you want to talk to someone about any of this, call the Revd Stephen McKenzie on 01782 796564 or email  [email protected]